30 Jul

Information about setting a UK visa by investment

The United Kingdom has opened its doors to business investors and serious entrepreneurs to bring in more and more investments to the country.  As a means of boasting the overall economy of the country, the Government of the UK has also played a part in welcoming foreigners to the country. By developing the visa by investment provision, the country has made it extremely easy for foreign nationals to enter the country and benefit from its opportunities by making a business investment. Under this provision, you will be in the position to apply for a permanent residency after staying in the country for five straight years.  However, during these five years, you must take steps to set the grounds on which you will be able to apply for your residency.  There are two different methods for doing so. Let us take a look at them:

1. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Category
The entrepreneur visa UK tier 1 is the right choice for people who have insufficient funds to qualify for the investor category, but still wish to acquire a citizenship I’m the English nation. To be qualified for this visa category, it is required for you to fulfill a financial threshold of about £50,000 in terms of making an investment. As an applicant, the law deems it necessary for you to work full time in your own business or the business in which you have invested. In case there is a lack of funds, you can tram up with another entrepreneur and apply together.

For eligibility purposes, it is necessary for you to pass a certified English language test so that your proficiency in the language can be assessed and verified. It will also be necessary for you to show your financial documents so it can be verified that you have the potential to support yourself and your family in the United Kingdom. Once everything is assessed and verified. you will be granted a visa for 3 years and 4 months. However, there is nothing for you to worry about because you will be considered eligible to apply for residency once this time period is over.

2. Tier-1 investor category
If you wish to make use of an investment by means of setting up a business in the country to settle down in the UK, then the investor category is what you must opt for. To be considered eligible for this visa provision, it is necessary for you to have around £1 million for investment purposes and £2 million in assets. A regulated institution that is either based abroad or in the United Kingdom should hold the money. Another eligibility criteria that you have to fulfill is that you must invest a minimum of £750,000 of the total investment funds in government bonds and share capital. The term of this investment cannot be less than 5 years.


You can also apply for a Malta citizenship by investment. However, the official website of the authorities of Malta should be checked for more information.