21 Dec

Vape pens, their benefits and different heating methods

Have you just decided to switch towards vape pens? If yes then this is great decision as vape pens are quite easy to use and most importantly you can carry them anywhere with great ease. Vape devices are a great alternative for chronic smokers as they are free from any toxic smoke. Secondly the users can easily quit their smoking habit by controlling their nicotine intake through vape devices. This is because vape offers an amazing facility of changing the vape material so people who are willing to quit smoking can easily choose a cartridge with lesser nicotine quantity and can taper down the dose from lesser to no nicotine.

But choosing a right vape pen in the beginning is quite challenging as people don’t know about what to focus and what to not. They don’t have any idea that what kind of vape device will suit them best. This is why we have decided to mention some of the important things here so that you could choose you vape pen with much ease. You can even go for Myle pods Dubai as they are also a great option but choosing vape pens would be best for you as a beginner. You can easily ask for vape delivery Abu Dhabi from the best vape stores and can get your vape pen at home. There are 3 different kind of heating methods available in vape pens which are as follows but make sure that you are choosing the right one as per your needs.


The first one is convection in which the vape material is not in direct contact with heating component. In fact the heat is being transferred to the chamber having vape material in it. In this way the users are able to enjoy the maximum quantity of their vape material as there is no excessive combustion due to indirect heating. But it takes more time for the device to become ready for the user.


The second method is conduction in which the vape material is in indirect contact with the heating element and here the vaping can be done immediately but obviously more quantity is wasted due to combustion.


Last method is induction in which magnetic field is being used to heat the material with minimal combustion. This is the best method which gives a longevity to vape pens as there is no direct generation of heat which usually affects the life of a vape pen.