04 Feb

Different types of bulletproof glass

When it comes to choosing the bulletproof glass for home, office or cars, there are many types of bulletproof glass. But you have to decide that what type of glass would be suitable for you. You can see many types of bulletproof glass everywhere such as in banks, schools, shops, pharmacies, government buildings, community centers, worship houses and so on. There are commonly five types of bulletproof glass. Let’s have a look of these types:

  • Traditional laminated glass
  • Insulated ballistic glass
  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Glass clad polycarbonate


Traditional laminated glass:

This is original bulletproof glass. It is made by layers of glass and with resin. This is old fashion glass which is not useful nowadays. But yet have so much importance due to its durability. These glasses are reliable and work for long. Traditional laminated glass is the best alternative product for those people who don’t have any ballistic threat. But it is used to intact the windows. 


Insulated ballistic glass:

This is very affective glass for bullet resistant. It is secure insulated glass and was developed first time for schools, nontraditional targets such as worship house and community centers. There is just 1 inch to i.2 inch thickness in this glass which helps to resist from bullets and from natural disasters like earthquake and hurricanes. There are number of ballistic glass manufacturers that also provide installation services to their customers. This glass increases the safety level.



This is the most common type of bulletproof glass. This is the single piece of solid plastic. This glass can be cut, routed and drilled easily. This glass is best for bullet resistant, because bullet resistant system always rely on monolithic acrylic. This is also use for interior and exterior windows. It restricts the chemicals when you have exterior windows.



Polycarbonate and acrylic glass are both best for bullet resistant although both are different from each other. Polycarbonate is soft and acrylic is very thick in nature. Polycarbonate offer level protection in 0.75 inches, level 2 in 1 inches, and level 3 in 1.25. This bulletproof glass is famous among all the high level personalities. Because this glass is durable and reliable. This is the material that you can choose for your home, cars, offices and for government buildings.

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